Official Aquarius MC discord

This is where you can find the most relevant news about the server, and get in contact of all of our server members, and staff. This also includes many chat channels, and voice channels to hang out with our members. This includes exclusive events or updates.

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Please scroll down to see our discord rules:

Discord rules:

• No spamming of any kind (includes links, mentions, commands, text, etc.)

• No intentionally flooding chat with large copy-pastes or characters

• No advertising other Discord or Minecraft servers (This includes "Dm me for an invite to...")

• No bypassing mutes by leaving/rejoining the server

• Do not unnecessarily mention members, this includes ghost pinging

• No solicitation (e.g. "selling/offering Minecraft accounts/capes")

• No inappropriate topics (NSFW / anything considerably offensive)

• No excessive swearing • Do not use inappropriate or offensive nicknames

• Any form of toxicity (disrespect towards members, suicide encouragement, slurs, etc.) is not allowed

• Any form of threats (DDoS/Dox threats, death threats, etc.) even if used in a joking manner, will not be tolerated

IP grabbing anywhere on the Aquarius Network is bannable.

Blatantly lying to staff can lead to a mute.

Discord Voice Chat Rules:

(All of our Text rules also apply to our voice chats)

• No disruptive, loud / high pitch noises

• No quickly switching from different Voice channels repeatedly

• No live streaming inappropriate content

When joining our discord you are agreeing to follow all rules listed above, not doing so will result in a discord mute, or a ban