In-Game Server Rules:

General Rules:

  • No chargebacks of any payments are allowed

  • No faking evidence of any player

  • No stalking/harassing any player

  • No leaking player's personal information without permission

  • No use of VPN's or Proxy's. (Some exemptions may be made for Youtubers/Streamers)

  • Do not evade a ban or mute on any Aquarius platform (This will result in a ip-ban)

  • Scamming in-game items/money for promises of ranks/keys/etc. are allowed. If you were scammed and you suffered a real-life financial loss, then you may report the player with sufficient evidence.

  • Use common sense. If common sense dictates something should most likely be against the rules, then DON'T DO IT! If you are ever in doubt about something please ask a staff member!

Gameplay Rules

  • No hacking/cheating or using any disallowed clients

  • No "fake hacking" meaning you purposely try to look like a hacker. This will carry the same punishment as an actual hacker. (e.g. sitting at spawn spinning around towards players and attacking to make it > look like you have kill aura)

  • No gaining things from bots. Killing them to boost stats, money, or just gaining any form of advantage or benefits from bots.

  • No disallowed mods

  • No glitch abusing/exploiting (e.g. find a way to get out of the map, bypass restrictions, block glitching glitching into spawn; no matter your intention)

  • No bow boosting / using an enderpearl to get into spawn in order to escape combat.

  • No abusing /Report (e.g. purposefully false reporting a random player to get the attention of staff)

  • No inappropriate usernames, you will be banned until you change your name. (This includes names that include swear words, or any inappropriate terms/phrases)

  • No inappropriate skins/capes, you will be banned until you change your skin/cape. (e.g. any skin/cape)

  • No other programs to give you an unfair advantage (e.g. autoclickers, macros, disallowed mods...etc)

  • No double clicking (This is the action of setting multiple mice/trackpad or buttons to attack) Buttterfly clicking Is allowed, but may result in a punishment for autoclicking as they have some similarities that are difficult to distinguish. Butterfly clicking is at your own risk, but strongly discouraged, the same goes for other clicking methods, like drag and jitter clicking.

  • Account sharing is allowed, but at your own risk! We will not unban you if your shared account(s) get banned and/or blacklisted!

  • No duping any items in any way

Communication Rules

  • No DDoS/Dox threats towards any player for any reason (This can also apply to other forms of communication outside of the network only at an administrator's decision.)

  • No form of threats at all towards any player for any reason

  • No spamming/flooding chat or encouraging spam (general rule of thumb of what qualifies as spam; 3 or more duplicate messages in a 10s span, this includes spamming commands)

  • No intentionally advertising any other minecraft server in any way on any platform.

  • Be kind to all players and staff, any form of toxicity is muteable.

  • Do not try to trick players into thinking you are staff/impersonating staff

  • No download links anywhere. Ingame, forums, discord...etc

  • No solicitation or giveaways if items/things unrelated to AquariusMC (e.g. "Selling minecraft accounts cheap! message me!"

  • No selling in-game items for real life currency. (This includes items like warp creates, keys, gear ...etc)

  • No advertising your discord server ingame.

  • You may advertise your stream/video as long as it is Aquarius related, and only 1 link per 5 minutes!

  • No inappropriate messages in chat.

  • IP grabbing anywhere on the Aquarius Network is bannable.

  • Blatantly lying to staff can lead to a mute.

Joining our server means that you agree to all the rules listed above, violation of a rule may lead to a mute, ban, or blacklist.